There's been a lot of activity on the internet regarding the hacking of Microsoft's latest gaming technology - Kinect. Well it seems one specific hack has raised a bit of attention - allowing you to play Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers using your entire body.

Yankeyan, the guy behind the hack, claimed he could have added a virtual keyboard to the screen which you could use to play with but instead decided to keep in theme with Kinect and allow your whole body to control Mario. It is in fact harder to play but it's the idea and the concept of it that's amazing.

To watch the video of Super Mario Brothers being played using Kinect, follow this link - xboxresource.com/showcase.ph... ... 20Brothers

9 years ago
Wow, amazing... (asuming that's no fake).

Microsoft should stick their heads out of their butts and let the XNA comunnity use KINECT dev tools otherwise people will do anyway but hacking, wich won't help MS in any positive way unlike letting the more programmers to try out kinect.

Tomorrow's A+ games will come from today's indies (newgrounds, etc...)

Thanks for sharing :)