Questions on possible multiplayer paid-subscriptions for the popular series, Call of Duty, have been fluttering through the air for months now. Xbox Resource had Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter in a recent interview, where he said he believed we would be seeing a multiplayer fee coming soon to the series. In a recent interview with IndustryGamers (industrygamers.com/news/acti... ... ltiplayer/), Activision CEO - Eric Hirshberg - announced that the series would never be seeing a paid-subscription fee for multiplayer.

Are we going to be charging for multiplayer? The answer is no. The experience you have out of the box, connecting with the online community to play Call of Duty is absolutely integral to the experience and we'll never charge for that. It's not going to be something we'll attempt to monetize; it's part of the package.

9 years ago
This makes me happy to hear... I don't think they would have shot themselves in the foot with this considering the last 4 CoD Games top the charts pretty much every week in LIVE activity.
9 years ago
Iknow, I know... I'm always on the negative side but hey they already monetize already owned (in most cases) boxed content like map remakes that are half the content of an overpriced DLC.

Activision loves money. You know what ? me too. A rock band song import like method should be a nice implementation to such a prone to release maps add-on series (2 titles per year) like COD.

I know, it's not just the same file but I bet it takes less effort to beef up an already existing map than to design a new one and then code it.

Think about it: an ever expanding library of maps for the COD series, compatible thru titles. That would be neat.

Again, if you asked me, after the really terrible first impression of medal of honor multiplayer I ended up finding it quite exciting and would definedly be picking it isntead of black ops... Hope the next COD will be IN SPACEEE! (you know, rumors arround teh internets)

Just my 200 cents. Cheers.

PS: COD4 map pack was the biggest waste of msp I've ever made. Not all my usual suspects (aka buddies or as I sweetly call them, those filthy vermins) had it so I never had to see (and actually play) them.