If any of you are like myself, you were heartbroken to see the popular game-show 1 vs. 100 get cancelled after two seasons. It wasn't a cancellation due to poor reviews, ratings, or such, which confused gamers more than ever. The show did very well in its two seasons, but still received the boot from Microsoft. What Microsoft and the 1 vs. 100 makers promised, though, was new ideas coming for possible new game shows for Xbox Live.

Today, a huge news story popped up on a possible new game show coming, as beta test emails were unveiled showing a new idea from Microsoft Game Studios' called, Full House Poker.

Regularly scheduled Texas Heat poker game shows will allow thousands of players to try and work their way up to the top table, while earning experience points and chips for their bankroll as prizes. Xbox Live avatars seem to be back as well with Full House Poker, with them playing at the tables using unique tells and accessories available to bring each players' personality to the table.

While this new show, and its beta, has not been confirmed by Microsoft Game Studios, it is exciting to see something new coming to Xbox Live after 1 vs. 100 left. Hopefully more news items will come of this uveiled beta email, and if so, Xbox Resource will be there to fill you in!

9 years ago
I hope this time all regions will get the chance to play it.

Thanks for sharing!