Since Microsoft's announcement of the $10 Xbox Live price increase, gamers have only been asking one question, why? With the fall update just released, Microsoft finally gave gamer's their explanation on why this price increase was needed to continue to put Live on top of any gaming service. This explanation can be read below by clicking to read on with the article.

Xbox Live's Craig Davison was recently interviewed by Gamasutra, where he talked about this very issue saying, In 2002 it was strictly multiplayer gaming. ...Now we get those Call of Duty map packs before anybody else does. We've got Gears and Halo, of course, as exclusives. We continue to get exclusives on the service as well. And we've gone from 400,000 members in our first year to 25 million.

Along with this reasoning, Davidson went on to add how Microsoft continues to branch out on their entertainment value, with applications like ESPN being added. While a lot of gamers might argue, I won't use ESPN, blah blah blah, there still is a wide variety of the 12.5 million Gold users who will use it, so you can atleast say your money isn't going to waste. Also, with the announcement of exclusive content coming to the Xbox 360 first in Call of Duty: Black Ops, you can see that Microsoft is looking to grab as much exclusive content as possible.

What do you think? Does this explanation make sense, or do you still believe that the service should have stayed the same price wise? Comment below and let us know!

9 years ago
CRAP!I mean PSN has some exclusives, which if I say so myself, are great. And its not like we are getting them for free. Exclusives help MICROSOFT to make THEIR system more unique so people would prefer it over ps3. I guarantee some xbox owners are getting pissed off and moving to PS3. I think this did more harm than good to both Microsoft and Xbox 360 gamers.
9 years ago
There are major issues to begin with like some regions (most of them in fact) barely having 1 subbed inside xbox video from UK's inside xbox per month, nonetheless to say those countries don't even have flash fm, any free stuff like 1vs100 and definetly won't have ESPN so why charging those given regions ?

Then there's the currency exchage rates. 50 bucks ain't 50 euros, pounds or whatever. In short terms US people are the ones paying cheapest LIVE services but getting the most of it.

Exclusive content-wise Microsoft have been really weak lately. And I mean GAMES not DLC. Anyways, having halo-fable-gears is no reason for a price increase. What about people that won't ever plug their console to the internet ? they will charge they when they buy the console just cause he/she is able to buy halo-fable-gears for his/her console ? God, I don't even like playing Gears of War online, I'm in for the local coop campaign.

Oh, and HALO creators are gone, so yes more halos but not bungie anymore. Bioshock, Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Lost planet... Yeah, you are doing great concerning exclusives.

IMHO arcade exclusives are crucial to keep. I mean, castlecrashers on PSN, c'mon !? yeah sure there was an Alien Hominid retail game for the PS2 (own a copy and still bought AH HD on arcade) but supporting indie gaming is where MS could shine (Dishwasher anyone ?) having such an interestingly fresh selection ef exclusive games like castlecrashers, braid, Dishwasher, Meatboy... My point is that Ms should hire people directly from newgrounds or paying/helping team meat, the behemoth and such so they can make even better and exclusive arcade titles.

Bottom line is that I'd preffer Craig Davison to be raw honest on that subject just saying the thruth; prices rise for everything so since they have to pay slighly higher to the employees and for things such as hosting services they have to raise XBL monthly fees.

I'm alrite with that, but oh man trying to justify w/poor excuses is as embarassing as a kid letting one go at his Bar Mitzvah and blaming it to the rabbi. I hope you get the joke.

MS should read that and take it on account cause wether you may agree with me or don't, this is as true as rain comes fom top-down.

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