For part of the country (East coast and Central people), Kinect is already available for purchase. Hype has certainly been rising on Microsoft's new hands-free game mechanic, but could it be bigger than we imagined? Speaking to Bloomberg News (bloomberg.com/news/2010-11-0... ... arter.html), Microsoft Interactive Entertainment president Don Mattrick said that based on pre-sales, retail orders and consumer interest, the company is raising its previous sales forecast of three million units for Kinect to five million units this quarter.

GameStop and many other retailers have sold out on Kinect pre-orders (just Kinect, not the Kinect/Console bundle), but even analyst didn't nearly expect that big of sales due to a un-hardcore launch line-up. Reviews are hitting websites (Xbox Resource will hopefully have ours soon), and based on the Kinect Hardware, Game Informer gave it, very good. To even a bigger surprise, a lot of the launch games have been receiving good reviews. The least hardcore game of all, Kinectimals, has been surprisingly receiving high scores. Maybe Microsoft wasn't kidding when they said Kinect would be huge. It certainly does help that Kinect appeard on both Oprah and Ellen in the last few weeks. Microsoft said that pre-orders especially jumped after its appearance on Oprah.

Are you picking up Kinect? What do you think of it, and what do you think about the games? Comment and let us know!

9 years ago
Major Nelson was kind enough to share with us, the users this link to WIRED's review of kinect.


Basically a review where kinect is bashed by a well known and respected tech magazine.

I'm starting to hate being like this, so overly negative to any microsoft announcement but IMHO lately they have a lot to be desired. I realy hope to find anytime soon something to praise about.