This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save on select Pet themed items in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Snoopy Flying Ace Normally: 800MSP - Now: 400MSP - 50% Saving
Risk: Factions Normally: 800MSP - Now: 400MSP 50% Saving
Blade Kitten Normally: 1200MSP - Now: 600MSP 50% Saving
Pug Dog (Pets) Normally: 240MSP - Now: 160MSP 33% Saving
Cat (Pets - black cat) 240MSP - Now: 160MSP 33% Saving

Source - majornelson.com/archive/2010/1... ... -pets.aspx

9 years ago
Give Blade Kitten a try. Far from perfect but not as dull as reviewers wanted us to believe.

In the end feels like old platformers from the 90s and maybe that's more that can be said of sonic 4. Lots of extra tokens to collect, most placed on absurd places like towers and high rocks so you end up jumping against each wall/climbint every ceiling cause you know for sure there will be extra coins arround.

There is no lives stock concept (more than respawning at last checkpoint) so money is meant to be expended on weapons (melee fast- weak, med-med or slow-powerful), outfits and life/stamina gauge extenders.

Kinda generic game but features some riding sections, likable characters and decent gameplay. Worth 600 msp IMHO


Risk and snoopy were worth their original price tag hands down, so higly recommended too.