Back at PAX this year, Gearbox announced that a free title update would be releasing for their loot-tastic game, Borderlands. Gamers have been waiting since then for this update, even waiting past the most recent DLC - the last DLC for the game - to get word on this update. Today, fans can rejoice as Gearbox announced that the free title update was complete and should be rolling out sometime next month.

The most notable change coming within this update is that the game's level cap will be raised to 58 for regular disc owners, and raised to 69 for owners of the The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC. Most interesting about the update is that the enemies will be updated in difficulty for the update, so this will affect players who have completed their second playthrough. Weapons will also be affected for this level cap, meaning the game will see the most powerful weapons yet.

Finally, a bit of fan service is also coming out of this update for fans who purchased the ClapTrap's Robot Revolution DLC. The update will fix the achievement glitch in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution that prohibits players from receiving the “What a party,” “It’s so realistic,” “Bobble-trap,” “The Lubricator,” and “Tourist” achievements if you collected their corresponding items in the wrong order. The fix will be retroactive, meaning if you won't have to recollect the items after the fix is in place.

What do you think of this Title Update? Comment and let us know!

10 years ago
The achievement fix will be good as I can then 100% it. Been after the fix since they said it was going to be out in October, due to the certification proces though it was postponed.I have New Vegas in the mean time.
10 years ago
Free title update. You make it sound so sexy Microsoft should pay you for that ;)


< sarcasm >
So it's free CONTENT (other than raising the lvl cap) or just a patch to fix up things, I meant, those that allways are free and use to appear short after people start spitting fire about how DLC bugged down a game...
< /sarcasm >

Jokes aside, it's great to know they are still trying to keep that fantastic game alive and kicking, polishing stuff and andding new incentives for players :)

Great news, TY for sharing.

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