If you have ventured onto Xbox.com recently you may have noticed that it is now sporting a new look and boasting lots of neat new features. The look of which can be seen in the screenshots above and after the jump.

Not only can you now update your Avatar via Xbox.com but you can also browse the Avatar Marketplace and get LIVE previews of what the content looks like on your Avatar.

To name a few new features:

- Browser based Avatar Editor: Preview items before purchase or just edit your Avatar.

- Combined view for messages, friend invites and game requests
- Improved account subscription notification

- Family reports to learn what your family is doing on LIVE

- Play web games with your LIVE friends on the web or Windows Phone 7

- Marketplace search functions will be greatly improved

Why not drop by the Xbox Forums and tell them what you think of the update - forums.xbox.com/270/ShowForum....

9 years ago
I prefer the last one, still getting a couple of Reach errors (oops, you found a glitch, we were...um distracted playing Halo: reach). Also noticed that i last played Hexic HD in 1753, I would like to be in the book of records for my age :P
9 years ago
Not impressed by this... why should they hide it, it isn't like we can get it if we find the page still... surely information will be leaked on exclusive items anyway when we see other avatars using them... still - we know most of them already anyway.