After the release of 'Sonic Adventure' and 'Crazy Taxi', SEGA will be following up with more Dreamcast titles. Though, the next two seem to be rather odd choices...

- 'Space Channel 5 : Part 2' - A hard to find sequel to a rhythm game, featuring 70's Sci-fi clad newsreporter saving the world through music. Also infamous mainly for featuring Michael Jackson as a character in game.


- 'Sega Bass Fishing' - A perhiperal based fishing game... I don't need to say more, do I?

With both these titles ranking high on my Meh! list, what titles WOULD you like to see coming from the underappreciatted Dreamcast library? (And will the Michael Jackson character be allowed when Sega has changed other things due to licensing issues?)

Here's hoping they actually release something worthy again soon!

Grumpy Ol' Gamer - Seriously? ...Fishing!?


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