Though inevitable, gamers still pondered if/when Halo: Reach would receive some DLC. Bungie gave those gamers an early christmas present today with the announcement of the Noble Map Pack.

Coming November 30th, the Noble Map Pack will bring you 3 brand spankin' new maps, the first being Tempest, an abandoned shoreline facility featuring two bases. Anchor 9, a dock controlled by the UNSC soldiers. Finally, Breakpoint, a series of frozen labs that will create tight corners. This map pack will also come with some new achievements totaling 250 Gamerscore. How much will you be paying for said map pack? 800 MSP, or $9.99 will be the price for the Noble Map Pack due out on November 30th.

On a side note: Halo: Reach sold 3.3 million copies this last month. Not too shabby, aye?

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