LucasArts released a demo today for The Force Unleashed II. Our thoughts, plus an update on the Force Unleashed II 48-hour Live giveaway after the jump!

Well gamers, the demo for the newest LucasArts title, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, is finally here. This game has a lot to live up to: its predecessor was hailed as one of the best games of 2008 as well as the best Star Wars video game of all time. It also had some work to do: the original Force Unleashed game took a critical and commercial hit do to some buggy game play issues.

*Spoiler Alert* This is a review for an unreleased game and some story elements can be expected to follow.

**Because this was just a part of only one mission of the game, I'll try to keep my remarks brief...I make no such promise for my full review two weeks from now when the game is released... :-) **

The demo began with a short cutscene showing us the *allegedly* cloned Starkiller and his master, Darth Vader, discussing visions and memories that are haunting the new Starkiller, as well as informing him that, had he not failed as an experimental clone, his first task would have been to execute General Rahm Kota, his mentor from the first game, who has been captured by the Empire.

An abbreviated tutorial followed and if you remember the controls from the original then you have nothing to worry about. All the basic functions remain the same.

Not long after the tutorial, Starkiller finds himself on the run from Vader in a escape across the bridges of Kamino. His escape vehicle? A very familiar TIE fighter...

Graphics If this demo is any indication, I believe that when this game is released in two weeks, that it will be one of, if not the, mostly graphically beautiful games that we have seen. I was simply stunned by the environments, and Starkiller's movements could hardly have been more fluid and real.

Presentation The point of a demo is to make the game accessible to new players, yet challenging and fun for vets of a series. The demo allows play on Easy, Medium, and Hard, with Unleashed mode locked and unplayable. My first playthrough on Medium let me experience the action, but not get frustrated by a new game. Hard allowed me, as a fanboy of the first game, to experience a new challenge that was extremely satisfying to complete.

Overall Anyone who was on the fence about buying the new title should be convinced to go ahead after playing the demo. All the great Force powers are back and looking better than ever. Sam Witwer does a great job once again playing Starkiller, and the most iconic villian of all time is back in full force.

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May the Force be with You!

9 years ago
Is it wrong that whenever I see Witwer in anything else, I expect him to whip out some lightsabers and get his Jedi on?

GrumpyOlGamer - You're never to old to make 'saber noises with your torch!
9 years ago
I'm unsure if I missed it or not, but did you post a question for the give-away? The demo was quite good, I didn't think at one point that it was boring me a little. Currently my favourite demo 8)
9 years ago
I tried to, but for some reason my twitter account started freaking out on me. I'll make it up soon...