Okay, you've read the reviews and judging by the number of sales, and the online charts many of you have been playing the game. Yeah, we know its good. But just because a game is good, doesn't mean that there's nothing to grumble about... so here they are...

Lets begin...

5 - The Fricking Menu!

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows that the first thing that anyone wants to do straight away is either start a one player game, or a multiplayer session. So... Why aren't these the first two options on screen? Its common sense! Do I want to play campaign? Maybe, but I'd rather make sure I can do it multiplayer first. Okay this is a minor niggle, but it just annoys me that it isn't immediately obvious where your multiplayer options are...

4 - Dual Wielding

What happened to it? I thought as game sequels go you're supposed to improve things not take them away. One of the best things of Halo3 was the tactical options between either having an extra gun or carrying some explosive incendiary devices. Where did this go? I know the game is set in the past, but does that mean that it was only Master Chief that realised they could carry two weapons at once. What are we, too Noble to carry two guns? Nope, maybe we're playing as team dumb-ass.

3 - Call it what it is, FFS!

Do you know what a Deathmatch is? Me too, i think everyone does. Do you know the difference between Slayer and Slayer classic... ... ... alright, so maybe you do, show off, now calm down. I DON'T! I couldn't care less either - ITS DEATHMATCH for crying out loud, and THAT should be called KING OF THE HILL, and so on and so on. God-damn it, why bother changing the names at all? They're well established gametypes, or do you have to be part of the HALO fanbase to understand these things? I know there's a description in the little grey-box, but I shouldn't have to read it to know what's what - I just wanna frag something... (Or has FRAGs changed since last I played?)

2 - Does anyone remember bots?

I admit it! I have no friends. Well, when my 4 adequately competent gameplaying family come round to play. We like to be on the same team, (Well, not Uncle Phil, who just likes to shoot things and doesn't care whose side he's on.) not necessarily in storymode. We like to face BOTS. So where are they? Are they hidden away and called something else? (Most likely) Whats the fun in having a zombie based forgeworld level, when you can't test it unless you know 15 online friends willing to be the zombies? So either this is the complaint that there are no bots, or the difficulty in locating how to actually use them - take your pick. Plus, when you get human players to be zombies... well... they're usually a bit too smart. (Unless you're Uncle Phil.)

and finally...

1 - Story Mode.

Since the very beginning we were told that we were going to experience the epic story of what happened to the ill-fated NOBLE team on reach, Epic is one of the biggest overstatements of the year. Maybe its that pretty much everyone in the armor looks alike and shows as little personality as possible. Maybe it's because, as with most games, there's a checkpoint every two seconds so you never really feel in danger or challenged unless you're playing on Legendary mode, or maybe its because the gameplay is the most underwhelming thing you're likely to play. Nothing happens. You fight X amount of bad guys, press some switches, run about for a bit then fight more bad guys. Nothing seems to get harder and there's no real variety. Okay there's an attempt at variety when you go into outer space (F**k spoiler alerts, I'm OL'skooL!), but its for a short period and doesn't add any epicness to the story. Overall, about 80% of the time you're running around mountainous terrain killing the same groups of enemies. Take a look at classic games such as Goldeneye, Blood and Timesplitters to see how variety works. So, yeah, The story mode is the number one most annoying thing about REACH... ever!

The real problem is that these are not problems with only this game. These type of things reoccur in pretty much every game nowadays. There's an issue of creativity that appears to be lacking and simply being replaced with... well, with what sells... more of the same. Its disappointing that there are indie developers that create brilliance and go un-noticed when there are big companies like this who splurge out the same thing over and over again. Now THAT's what makes me grumpy!

GrumpyOlGamer - Old Skool, because Old's kool!

9 years ago
lol i gota admit u made me laugh with this odd review because they all are valid points and now you pointed them out it's stuff i've thought as well at one point or another. lookin forward to your next piece lol