Big news has risen from the Gears of War community today as EPIC, along with CliffyB and Rod Fergusson, announced some big things coming to Gears of War 3. As most of you have heard, Gears 3 was pushed back to holiday 2011, and this bummed people out, but Rod promised fans to keep their heads up as big news was coming soon, and soon it is.

Today, straight from the Gears website (https://gearsofwar.xbox.com/)..., the team announced a beta coming for Gears of War 3, and also that the game would be shipping with dedicated servers. Both of these announcements are huge since Gears 2 was plagued with glitches, which ultimately held back the multiplayer experience. More information on the dedicated servers will be revealed in this months OXM Magazine (Official Xbox Magazine), so check that out at local newstands. Not much detail was given about the beta, but we were told we would find out details in due time.

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