Bungie has always done well with Halo DLC in the past, particularly with some very popular and well-made maps and of course some new achievements. Halo 3, after all, is tied with EPIC Games' Gears of War 2 with a possible 1750 GS. But at almost 2 weeks after the game's release, is it too soon to be thinking about DLC?

Bungie's latest weekly update comes with a hint that a DLC package adding 250 Gamerscore to Halo: Reach is on the horizon. But how soon is too soon?

Me? I think this is a little too soon. When I think of what DLC should be, I think of add-ons to a game to either further the story or add replayability. I think it should be a well-thought-out piece of gaming and it should enrich our experience with the game in question. Okay, maybe not all that, but it should be something a designer thinks up after the release of the game.

Having DLC this early in a game's life tells me that the studio already had this material ready and, rather than included it in the game's retail release, planned it as an additional cash in.

I don't particularly like paying $60 for a game only to feel two weeks later like I bought an unfinished game and to finish it I need to pay an extra $15.

I'm all for some new Halo: Reach DLC. I guess the question is this: will the DLC be good enough warrant spending extra money on it this soon after the release? What do you guys think?

*For those who might ask why I assume it will cost money - It is Microsoft's DLC policy that states that any DLC that include achievements tied to said DLC must be paid content.*

9 years ago
Lately, there have been many developers having DLC planned out before the actual game releases. I wouldn't be upset if this fast released DLC pack was remakes from CE or Halo 2, because remakes can't be too tough to do. I don't fee to upset though.