Another couple busy days in the Xbox 360 news world left a couple new items worth noting releasing onto the Marketplace. As fall comes nearer to us, expect a busier Marketplace schedule, as fall is one of Microsoft's busiest times of the year for gaming. Click to read on and see if any of these new items are exciting you!


--The Enslaved demo titled, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, is now available for download via the Marketplace for free. This demo has a file size of 1 GB, and will give you a sneak peek into the upcoming 360 game! To download this demo via queue to Xbox 360, click the following link - marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/gam... ... 1&p=1&of=6

Download the Enslaved demo and get a sneak peek into a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy partnership in order to survive through a perilous, post-apocalyptic America where few humans are left and nature has reclaimed the world. Play as Monkey, a strong brutish loner who has been captured by a mysterious slave ship. Trip, a technologically savvy young woman and fellow prisoner, hacks a slave headband and commands Monkey to help her get home. If she dies, he dies, and her journey has now become his.

--The ArcaniA - Gothic 4 demo is now available for free on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and it will be continuing the successful Gothic RPG-Series. The demo has a file size 872 MB for anyone worrying about space concerns. To download this demo via queue to your Xbox 360, click the following link - xbx.lv/cnEmJq....

ArcaniA - Gothic 4 continues the successful Gothic RPG-Series. Ten years have passed since the end of Gothic 3 and the world has changed - the Southern Islands have become embroiled in a grueling conflict, and set the stage for the player to brave countless adventures in the guise of a nameless hero. In a vibrant and elaborate environment, decisions will have to be made which will change not only the future of the Southern Islands, but of the entire world.

Avatar Items:

--Get your Avatar ready to rock with the newly added items to the Marketplace for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Items varying from t-shirts to air guitars are available. The prices and download sizes also vary from each item, with prices ranging from 80 Microsoft Points to 400 Microsoft Points. To check out the Avatar items and queue them up to your Xbox 360, click the following link - marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/gam... ... 0&sb=1&p=1.

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