A game that helped make August the best selling Xbox Live Arcade month ever, Hydro Thunder, will be receiving DLC sometime in October. HT's developer, Vector Unit, revealed on their website (vectorunit.com/news/2010/9/2... ... ctobe.html) some of the details about the DLC called the Tempest Pack.

The DLC will feature several new Expert-level boats and new skins for existing boats, but also brand new tracks for your enjoyment. The first DLC track will put you through the volcanic ruins of Atlantis, while the second track races you off into the Bermuda Triangle. The last track, which seems amazing, sends racers to an eerie fortress called Castle Von Boom that will...well...go boom.

Details on the Tempest Pack:
The new environments are all about ratcheting up the level of insanity,” says Creative Director Matt Small. “The weather is stormier, the waves are bigger, and the levels are packed with more interactive obstacles and more potential for chaos and destruction. That’s what puts the tempest in Tempest Pack.”

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