After releasing and doing very well on the Xbox 360 sales market, Mafia II continues to add to the game with another DLC pack announced by 2K Games. This time around the DLC will take place in the shoes of Vito's best friend and partner in crime, Joe Barbaro. The DLC's story will be set when Vito was in prison, and will add new gameplay elements along with the normal/crazy action-packed adventure of Mafia II.

Joe's Adventure will be bringing many new places to wreck havoc in Empire City including: a train station, the cathouse, and new buildings. Along with the new places in Empire City, Joe's Adventure will add new music set in the 40s and 50s, new clothes, and collectibles. As you can tell this a story driven DLC, so you will be seeing many new quests while in the shoes of Joe Barbaro. The cool thing about this new DLC is that it will be adding a type of point system that lets players earn high scores for leaderboard posting. While no date or price has been announced, you can probably bet it being the same as the last DLC. 2K Games did announce that it would be releasing onto the Marketplace sometime in the rest of 2010, so with all the Black Ops hoop-lah you can probably bet it being later 2010.

Did any of you guys purchase that last DLC? If so, will you be downloading this new DLC?

9 years ago
I did purchase the last DLC, but only played a few minutes of it due to wanting to finish off some other games. Plus I got 1000/1000 the night before release so when I remembered about the DLC it was a case of cursing the completion percentage. I will probably wait to hear what others say about the next DLC before purchasing. I am not looking forward to however many hours it will take to get the Explorer achievement. (Drive a total of 1, 000 miles)