A couple of articles back, Xbox Resource brought you guys word that Microsoft would be announcing new games for Kinect at the Tokyo Game Show. Well with TGS going on as we speak, yesterday brought word on several new Kinect games coming to the controller-free peripheral. After making the jump, you will be able to see the newly announced Kinect titles (note: some of new games could have new titles in the coming months), along with any information that we have to give you.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor - The game takes place in 2082 in a world without computers but full of crazy giant mechs trying to destroy each others. - Game Informer - Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdUPq-F0 ... r_embedded.

Rise of Nightmares - ...from the brief trailer it seems to have a dark, messed up vibe similar to the Silent Hill series. - Game Informer

Codename D - A brief teaser video for the game revealed a circus setting, plenty of mascots to beat up, explosions, and a protagonist wearing a baseball cap. - Game Informer

Project Draco - ...will be a full body-controlled flying game and will be available on Xbox 360 sometime in 2011. - Game Informer

So what do you think about these titles? Very little information was released with any of these games, but a few seem to show promise compared to the launch titles for Kinect.

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