The Marketplace seems to have taken off after a day or two of brief silence after Pax 2010. Many demos, add-ons, and such have been announced or released in the last couple days, and today is no exception. Lets waste no time and get to the new demo news!

--The DJ Hero 2 demo is now available for download. DJ Hero 2 is looking to do what its older brother did by completely rejuvenating the gaming music genre. To read more about DJ Hero 2, or even download it to your Xbox 360, click the following link - marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/gam... ... n&p=1&of=6.

--EA is looking to put out another top notch sports game for this year with their title EA Sports MMA. The game will be getting a demo that will be releasing to the public on September 28th.

--While this game may or may not be receiving a demo, it is worth noting that Top Spin 4 has been announced. The press release says the new game offers a redesigned control scheme, jaw-dropping player models created around one of the deepest player rosters in tennis game history, and TV-style presentation.

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