The Black Ops presentation the other night, and now PAX, have brought us a lot of word about the upcoming hit. The presenation brought us a ton of new multiplayer modes, customization abilities, and more. With that, a few more news items worth noting have popped up from PAX.

First off, we brought you a story two days ago on the rumors all around the web about a possible Black Ops beta starting on the presentation night. No beta word was announced during their spotlight night, and today, the guys at Treyarch completely smashed any rumors or hopes of a Black Ops beta. Josh Olin broke the news that Treyarch has no public beta planned and that all testing is being done internally. We're already doing an internal beta with all sorts of Activision studios thousands of people are participating in our beta, he told CVG. That's the only formal beta that we're planning at the moment. There were a lot of misconceptions, confusion, and Google ads. There was some speculation that we'd be launching a public beta tonight that's not happening. The beta is internal only right now. With the new Theatre Mode announced at the presentation giving players the abilities to go back and watch each other their Xbox Live matches, Treyarch should have an easier time tracking players who try to glitch and mod certain aspects of the game.

In other Black Ops news, a new multiplayer announcement was made. For some modes, the kill leader shows up as a glowing gold dot on everyone's radar. While this isn't a new jaw dropping change, it still will allow players who are in second or third have a leg up on trying to pass the kill leader.

There you go folks. With PAX still going on, you can bet a few more Black Ops announcements will be made. You can also bet with these new announcements will come coverage from us here at Xbox Resource.

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