Treyarch is having their spotlight tonight as they are currently holding a huge presentation, and showing, of their soon-to-be blockbuster hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The event is being held at the Los Angeles Science Center, which is totally decked out in Black Ops stuff for the press event. Thanks to some live blogging from Dan Amrich, I got to basically be apart of the event as all the stuff was announced. After making the jump, you will get to read in order, the details of the game straight from tonight's presentation.

---UPDATE: A zombie mode WILL be appearing in the game as GamePro checked out the achievements of Black Ops. Two of the achievements have to do with some zombie-related actions...probably slaughtering them in waves. Most people expected a zombie mode to return with Black Ops, and now it looks like you will be getting it!---

-First off, it was told that for Black Ops, Treyarch had to completely refocus the entire studio. They also said that they have put more work into this game than ever before, which makes them more anticipated than ever.

-The real Black Ops guys were leaders who got whatever guns, ammo, etc. they needed to complete their missions. Treyarch said that this was exactly what they wanted with the multiplayer for Black Ops; completely customizable.

-Compete, customize, and create. These are the three pillars stated by Dan Bunting as he detailed the new multiplayer.

-As Bunting began playing a new mode called Combat Training, there were all new perks, killstreaks, and weapons shown.

-Combat Training is basically multiplayer with bots that helps newcommers get used to online play. It has it's own rank-up system, and can also be played with a co-op partner.

-The new Create-a-Class feature shows your character now. As you change perks and such, you will see how it affects the look of your online character.

-Some equitment was announced and shown off during the play including a camera spike, C4, Tactical Insertion, Motion Censor, and Claymore.

-Bunting also went on to announce that many of the new killstreaks are interactive.

-All the things you throw out that are lethal are contained on the left bumper, while all the tactical items go on the right bumper.

-New killstreaks were announced and shown off including Death Machine and Grim Reaper (Rocket Launcher).

-Also, brand new to Black Ops, COD Points (CP). These points will be earned via multiplayer and help you unlock items with in-game currency. You can choose exactly what you want to unlock and WHEN you want to unlock it.

-Four new Wager Match modes were announced that put your CP to the test to earn more points. These include:
--One in the Chamber: Everyone has one bullet, and when you kill someone, you get their bullet. If you miss, you can only use your knife.

--Sticks and Stones: Crossbow, Tomahawk, ballistic knife.

--Sharp Shooter: Everyone starts with the same weapons, and during the game weapons will change in intervals.

--Gun Game: This is a series of progression with your weapons.

-New Camo patterns were shown along with the ability to place your emblem on your gun. You can also customize your Red Dot completely.

-Snow, Jungle, and Urban levels will be in the single player showing players variety.

-A guided missel launcher was also shown at the presentation.

-A new editor was announced that gives you the ability to completely customize your emblem into whatever you like.

-A new Theater Mode was also interduced. This new mode will track your online games so they can be played back, searched, tagged, and more!

Some of these new ideas seem to be taken from Halo, but since Black Ops is a completely different game, it makes these ideas fun and exciting. In the following days you will hear more about the multiplayer, so Xbox Resource will be on top of all the news. They also announced at the event that the whole presentation will be put on callofduty.com in the following days for viewers to watch. Many big changes for Black Ops were announced tonight at this presentation as you can tell. What do you think about the new announcements?

10 years ago
beta? yay or nay?
10 years ago
So far, nay. They did not have any word at the actual presentation on a beta or zombie mode. There is still a lot of individual interviews and meetings going on as I speak, so more word of either a beta or zombie mode could come out.

UPDATE: Check the update in the article on some zombie details!
10 years ago
Ahh man that sucks. I was hoping there would be one as they did one for cod waw. Ahhh well, still got some time left to have one :')