NAMCO BANDAI Games has announced a set of four DLC add-ons for their title, Clash of the Titans. The first of the four packs is out now and on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 160 Microsoft Points. Each add-on will cost that same 160 points, and will add on quests and more. Make the jump to read the details behind each add-on pack.

PACK 1 (Available Now) - “Apollo’s Challenge” Quest Pack features three new quests:
• Tyrant of the Swamp: Defeat Silenus in the unforgiving Miasma Swamp
• Two Headed Wolf: Brave the Djinn Desert and overpower Orthos
• Sleeping Bull of the Labyrinth: The legendary Minotaur awaits in the Medusa Temple

PACK 2 (September 7, 2010) -“Hades’ Challenge” Quest Pack contains two new quests:
• Wild White Horse of the Underworld: Take on the War Rider in Tartaros
• Absolute Defense: Tartaros plays host to a ferocious confrontation with Feralisk

PACK 3 (September 21, 2010) - “Zeus’ Challenge” Quest Pack features two new quests:
• Temple of the Gods: The Shrine of Olympus is where you must defeat Death Needle
• Man-eating Monster: Deadly Manticore lies in wait for you at the Shrine of Olympus

PACK 4 (October 5, 2010) - “Athena’s Request” Quest Pack features two quests previously available as a pre-order bonus:
• “Bird in Hand” Quest Pack: Slay the giant-winged Cockatrice to acquire the Wing of Icarus sub-weapon
• “Songs of Enchantment” Quest Pack: Defeat the succubus and beautiful siren to win the “Orpheus” sub-weapon

8 years ago
Hi SteinlageT, is this game any good ?
I haven't actually played it and wondered if a rental is worth getting to try it. ;)