Based on the first Kane and Lynch title there wasn't exactly much hype surrounding the second, to be honest I'm surprised it even got a sequel, however as long as all the problems were fixed then I'm sure this will be an overall improvement or will it?

You will play the entire game as the practically psycho Lynch unless playing co-op then you can play as the more calm and collected Kane as you complete the major aim of getting out of Shanghai after a drug deal goes bust and sadly this is basically the major plot of the story with a few crazy moments thrown in and a couple of twists for good measure.

The gameplay in Kane and Lynch 2 basically consists of one thing find some cover kill all the enemies in the area run forward to another area find some more cover kill some more enemies then rinse and repeat until you reach the final cutscene. The only time the game breaks away from this sees you taking on enemies from aboard a helicopter but no you don't have rocket launchers or mounted machines guns the aim is to hide behind a wall and shoot from the chopper and even then this level is the shortest in the whole game.

Now if the shooting felt really good such as Gears of War or Call of Duty then you could live with the 6 hours of cover and gun sadly however yet again the game falls short here with Lynch having the accuracy and a blind man with a machine gun, line the cross hair up and shoot and say Why are you shooting over there when I'm aiming here, and that will some up your experience with the gunplay. Luckily the enemies are dumb enough to make this work and each of them will happily poke there head round cover in order to have it blasted off time after time.

You would think that with two of you making your way through the story and one of you being AI then it would be a breeze however it was decided to make Kane just as stupid as the enemy AI with just as terrible accuracy basically making him useless to you and also incredibly annoying when he yells at you to move up because it's clear when there is still 10 tonne of metal bullets raining down on your cover.

There is one saving grace for Kane and Lynch 2 and that is the multiplayer modes which are actually well thought out and executed. The first being Fragile Alliance mode which sees you and a gang of criminals trying to rob a stash of loot while contending with the cops and also watching out for your back stabbing team mates who can kill you and steal your loot. The Undercover Cop mode adds another layer to Fragile Alliance which puts one player in amongst the criminals as a cop in order to prevent the criminals from stealing the loot while not raising suspicion about who you are.

A final note that has to be mentioned is the over use of the shaky camera I mean sure it's a nice effect when you are running and it adds to the drama but seriously why does a camera need to be shaking when I'm standing still, the only drama this brings to my game is whether I'm going to be sick or not.

Basically Kane and Lynch 2 fixed the problems in the first but in doing so opened a whole other can of worms, if you are going to pick this up then only do so for the multiplayer experience and leave the single player well alone, or if you fancy an easy 400 Gamerscore for running through the campaign on easy.

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