Crystal Dynamics have decided to move away from the iconic Tomb Raider name and give the star of the show Lara Croft a run out on her own in this unique co-operative world. In a move away from the usual lonely life that Miss Croft leads searching the pyramids The Guardian of Light introduces a second character to the mix in the form of Totec the Aztec Guardian.

The puzzles in The Guardian of Light are actually incredibly well thought out they aren't so obvious that the game is to easy however they aren't so hard that you throw the controller and scream that you never want to play the game ever again (while throwing in some swear words for good measure), this is what keeps you hooked and interested throughout the games levels.

The puzzles make clever use of the co-operative side of the game also by making you think outside of the box while solving them and forcing experimentation, but this isn't a bad thing as yes you will die a lot but you will have some damn fun accidently killing each other in hilarious and absurd ways.

The Guardian of Light takes a step back into the old days of platform games using a wide angle fixed camera allowing you to easily see your surroundings and any potential hazards that might be coming your way while also making sure that Lara is visible at all times even in the darkest of areas to avoid confusion and stupid annoying mistakes occurring while trying to guess where your character might be under that bridge.

In terms of gameplay at first the shooting mechanic feels a little weird with having to hold down the right stick to aim and then pressing the left trigger to shoot but after the first level you will have it down. There is also plenty of cannon fodder in the game with numerous enemies coming at you from all angles when you least expect it keeping you on your toes at all times, however the large amount of enemies is balanced out by the sheer number of weapons available to you from Machine Guns to Rocket Launchers and add to this an unlimited amount of remote mines dropped with a press of the Y button and you have one mad ride.

In terms of visuals Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is one of the prettiest games on XBLA to date and with more than enough to keep you occupied for a good few hours it is well worth the 1200 MSP. However I suggest you experience this game with a friend in co-op mode however if you can't get someone round you will have to wait until the 28th September when online co-op is introduced to the game.

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