The RPG-happy developers over at Square Enix are throwing a curveball at you all with newly announced third-person shooter coming exclusively for the Xbox 360.

The title is named Gun Loco and features sprint-action gameplay, which involves running, jumping, ducking, and vaulting in addition to the fast-paced crazy shooting that you will encounter. What Square Enix announced about the characters is the coolest feature so far; Each of the game's characters will also have unique kill moves that sound comparable to Mortal Kombat's over-the-top, violent fatalities.

The story involves a lot a universe putting all the feared criminals on one planet. What happens next? You can surely guess! Chaos breaks loose throughout the universe, and you are fighting in different regions to stop these criminals. There is 12 person multiplayer with many game modes planned. Multiplayer seems to be a big focus to the developers along with the single player.

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