As we slowly creep towards the release of the new Call of Duty, Black Ops, speculation continues to mount on whether or not the favourite Zombies mode will make a return from World at War. It seems that information may have been leaked on the special editions of Black Ops containing Four Zombie Maps Pack made famous from COD: World at War.

We are assuming from this that there will be a Zombies mode complete with new maps but as it is only a rumour we may be jumping the gun, and this is assuming that this is actually real. Until Activision confirm this though don't get your hopes up too much.

Source - kotaku.com/5612028/zombies-ret... ... 8Kotaku%29

9 years ago
Black Ops will be a hit - zombies or no zombies. But I know a lot of people who really aren't into single player or team deathmatch and such in WaW and the only reason they bought it was for Zombies. So if Activision and Treyarch were smart, they would include it and up it to add a better experience! This would swing people on the fence to pick it up!

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