THQ's wrestling titles have always pretty much been a yearly title thing. That could be changing, however. UFC Undisputed 10 did not do as hot as 09 did, so THQ went back to the drawing boards to see what they can do. As a result, the Undisputed series may have longer cycles in between games.

UFC Undisputed 2010 sold nearly 2.7 million copies while last year’s version sold 2.9. Both of those numbers are good, and dont hold a huge difference, but according to THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell, “based on the preorder trends that we saw and what we were hearing from retailers and consumers alike, we built our plans for growth in UFC this year.”

Farrell says that you can expect a 15-21 month break in between games to focus on bringing you a truly new experience. This elimination of a yearly title will hopefully allow the developers to work on the features of the game, build hype, and allow THQ to give us gamers a product that will wow us.

9 years ago
amen brother
8 years ago
they have always planned it like this.

and UFC 2010 is a million times better than 09.
09 seems like a bad beta after playing 10