Welcome to the Xbox world everyone! There is this big game out there called Modern Warfare 2. I am sure none of you have it or heard of it. Okay, enough with the sarcasm. In the midst of all the rumors of subscription fees and groans of overpriced DLC, Acitivision decides to give you something free.

Yes, the title is right, a Modern Warfare 2 Demo which offers you the Cliffhanger single player level for play. If you for some odd reason have been on the fence about this game, the demo can hopefully lean you towards or away from the game. To download the demo, just click the following link and then click Download to Xbox 360 - mjr.mn/aNaTRj....

9 years ago
I was surprised to see a demo so long after the release. This has to mean something.

Activision needs you

...to empty your wallet