The very highly beloved PC and iPhone/iPad game, Plants Vs. Zombies, will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace soon for your enjoyment! When though you ask? Today the devs announced that the game will be hitting the arcade Marketplace on September 12th for 1200 MS Points. The XBLA version offers you new co-op modes and even more minigames to jump into, so on September 12th; que up Plants Vs. Zombies for download!

10 years ago
Yet another 1200 points title. It's not that some games ain't worth a 1200 price tag, but the fact it's becoming the norm, so even the bigest piece of crap hits the DLC market at 1200.

What is the point about arcade games if they keep rising their prices and their file size ? They will turn to games on demand wich never had a retail release, that's what.