Delve deep underground to save a missing dwarven expedition in search of ancient secrets for creating monstrous constructs. Only you can uncover the gruesome fate that befell them.

Coming on August 10th is a new DLC for one of my personal favourite games. The pack is entitled Golems of Amgarrak and will allow players to import their characters from Origins or Awakening, or create a new character altogether. The rewards from this content can be used in both Origins and Awakening. It is also being described as more challenging, and to provide a new creature/enemy. The Dragon Age site states it will cost $5. (So probably about 400MSP). The debut trailer for Dragon Age 2 is in a few weeks, which could mean that this could be one of the last Origin DLC's.

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9 years ago
I downloaded this piece and played through it. Whilst it is abit short it definately adds the challenge they promised.