Who says big gaming news can't come out of Comic Con? Today, two of the biggest fighting franchises made an announcement at Comic Con that they will be teaming up to bring you Street Fighter X Tekken. You heard right, Capcom and Namco are working on this project that pits the characters from Street Fighter against those of Tekken.

The developers were asked when the game would be coming out and their only response to it was, not for a while. They also announced that the characters in the games would keep their signature moves in this new cross-game.

IGN got to see a gameplay trailer and live presentation of the announced powerhouse game, and this is what they had to say:

During Capcom's Comic-Con panel today, both a trailer and a gameplay demonstration were shown. The trailer showed Ryu meditating in a dojo when Kazuya Mishima from Tekken bursts through the door, ready to kick some ass. After the Street Fighter X Tekken logo was shown, the classic Pac-Man cut scenes were recreated with Mega Man chasing a ghost across the screen and then running the other way followed by Pac-Man.

Then Yoshinori Ono from Capcom and Katsuhiro Harada from Namco played against each other in a quick match. During gameplay, Ryu called in Chun Li to help him out and Kazuya called in Nina Williams for a ridiculous team-up attack. They fought on a futuristic battlefield with giant mechs roaming in the background. The game was running on a PlayStation 3. Visually, it looked very similar to Street Fighter IV with 2D gameplay and 3D rendered character models.

With a full slate of games in 2010, holding off on releasing Street Fighter X Tekken is probably a great idea. Will 2011 be the year or will we be waiting longer for this cross? Either way, exciting news out of Comic Con 2010!

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