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Just a quick heads-up, you will notice a TU / Patch downloading for Call of Duty World at War just before Map Pack 2 goes live on the XBL Marketplace – I wanted to take a brief moment to go over what this update addresses.

- Significantly streamlined MP matchmaking.
- Increased the number of safety checks in the MP spawn system to prevent players from spawning within the line of sight of an enemy.
- Implemented a new stats backup system – this system creates a regular backup snapshot of player stats; if the game detects data corruption, instead of attempting to reset the player to level 1, it will notify the player that their stats have been restored to the most recent backup.
- Addressed a rare occurrence referred to as the “dummy glitch” in MP, where players would appear to be prone in 3rd person but would have a standing view in 1st person.
- Patched several possible MP map exploits.
- Improved dog spawning in MP.
- Improved AI path-finding in Nazi Zombies to prevent potential exploits.

There are several additional minor improvements included with today’s update, but this list includes the most significant items.

This also marks a long Double-XP weekend ending Tuesday morning, 10:00AM PST. And of course, Download Map Pack 2 Thursday (6/11) morning!

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