With this game I was really impressed with it even though I only had chance to play on it for the first time last night and having a quick play through of the game I was really enjoying the game each fighter as 2 different anime movies 1 shows why the fighter is entering the tourney and the other shows the aftermath of the tourney.

Each character goes through 4 or 5 initial fights before they get to the fight against there rival when I played as Ryu my rival was Sagat after beating him this morning the final fight was against a new guy to the game with moves from all the different characters of the game meaning he is uber good.

So all in all there was around 6 - 7 fights in the fighters story in Street Fighter 4.
The game itself though is very hard even on easy the game is solid and you need to learn all of the uber special moves to stand a chance in beating the computer.

The graphics for the game are also using a brand new game engine the game engine relies on showing the fighters in a 3D way but showing them also in cartoon and more grittier then what they have been in previous games so an average muscle on them looks like there arm is giving birth or something. But this isn't a bad thing because the graphics are unique and a change to see and it really sets off the backgrounds to the fight areas.

The music is pretty average and cheesy Japanese pop related but it keeps the same music style as previous street fighter games. Some songs can get annoying after awhile and some are just remixes of other songs in an accapella or faster way.

The achievements for the game will take a lot of time and practice a swell to get but all in all I know I will keep playing this until I have completed the game on medium if not hard.

Really good game go get if you liked the others ill give it 7.5/10

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