Ah, Singularity! What a game, what a game. I think it's obvious already that I really enjoyed this game, and for good reason. It felt similar to Bioshock, gameplay wise, which is great. However, it also felt very unique and fresh.

In this game, you play as Nathaniel Renko, and must travel between two different time periods in order to get the timeline back on track. This game has multiple endings, each one which I enjoyed watching. You meet some interesting characters in your journey, each with their own personality and style.

I don't want to spoil anything about this game, really, because nearly everything that happened left me in awe. It had it's tough points in the game, and one of the bosses gave me some trouble until I figured out a pretty cheap way to kill it. There were some puzzles here and there, which side track you from killing things momentarily to using your head to get past a certain area.

It's obvious that this games main focus was single player. Although there is multiplayer via xbox live, there are only two game modes. One of them is Creature VS. Soldiers, and the other is Extermination. In both modes you play as the creatures and the soldiers, and the scores are added up. Although I haven't played it with people I know, since this game seemed to go overlooked; I think that some really great matches could be had with two teams of good players.

The multiplayer isn't terrible, and I did enjoy it. You play in third person while you're the creatures. There are four classes of creature, each with their own abilities and drawbacks. One of them, known simply as the Zek, can phase out and not be damaged for a certain amount of time, but can't attack while doing this. He also has the pleasure of creating explosive barrels and throwing them at people. Another, the Revert, can heal it's teammates and plant mine like globs on walls and floors. There is the heavy hitter, which I just saw as a big target. However, playing against a good Radilon (I believe that's what they're called.), can be quite a challenge. It shoots out projectiles and has high health, which makes up for it's large target area. The last creature is the Phase Tick, and it has insanely low health. However, the reward for getting on one of the enemy soldiers is huge. They have a short amount of time to shoot you off while you burrow into their buddy and take control. You now get to play as a soldier, but for the creatures, using whatever ability they had, and weapon.

On the Soldier side, there are 4 different classes as well. One can fire off an impulse, which is basically a large melee attack that knocks back enemies. Another can reflect melee damage for a short amount of time. A third one, can actually teleport. Albeit short distances, it's really quite handy. The last one, which is probably the most important if you don't want your team to die, is the healer. He does just what the name implies, heals his buddies. He also heals himself while healing someone else, a nice little bonus. Each of these classes can choose from the same weapons, all of which were in the single player campaign. Each main weapon comes with a different type of side arm, however, not all of these side arms were in the single player game. The soldiers also can pick up explosive barrels with a sort of telekinesis and throw them.

Like I said before, I don't want to spoil too much about the single player, just know that it is pretty amazing. Even the weapons that are strictly single player that you get from time to time have little surprises that will make you go Wow, awesome!.

As if shooting things and travelling through time isn't enough, you get your own personal TMD. (Time Manipulation Device.) which lets you do all sorts of things. As you progress, you can use the impulse as mentioned before. You can use a deadlock, which slows time down within a certain area. You can even age enemies and repair cover that was once destroyed so you have somewhere to hide.

It's really hard to talk about this game without giving things away, so I'll leave you with these final words. Although I do think this game is amazing, the bottom line is that it is focused on single player, and you probably won't stick with multi-player for too long. I was lucky enough to catch this game on sale, which is why I got it. Otherwise, you're better off waiting for it to drop in price.

If I had to put numbers to it, I'd rate this game 9/10.

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