If you have been keeping up with Activision's crazy habits of releasing songs, then you will be happy with this information. The Guitar Hero publisher has announced more DLC for their games including Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, and the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Queen, Avenge Sevenfold, Disturbed, and Shinedown tracks will slowly release as the crazy month of game music DLC drags on. Read on to see the full schedule of releases in the month of July.

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
“Killer Queen”
“Somebody To Love”

July 13
Avenge Sevenfold
“Almost Easy”

July 20
“Down With The Sickness”

July 27
“Second Chance”
“Sound of Madness”

As always, the track packs will be available at Xbox Live Marketplace for 440 Microsoft Points, at the PlayStation Store for $5.49, and for Wii for 550 Wii Points. All songs in each track pack will also be released as downloadable singles for 160 Microsoft Points, $1.99, and 200 Wii Points each. Enjoy these awesome songs that most of you all know and love as July moves forward!

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