Episode 1: The March to 60,000


Gamerscore Gained Since Start: 4150

Well here we have part 4 of the first episode of One Man and His Gamerscore if you're not sure of what this is then you can find a link to part 1 just below that will give you all the details. Let's dive straight into it, below you will find links to part 1 and also to places where you can follow my progress. The march to 60,000 continues.

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A quick recap of my progress I have currently achieved 23% of my target for this episode amassing a total of 4150 Gamerscore. I will as usual discuss how easy or hard the games are to get achievements in for your benefit so enjoy.

June 23rd 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 46,224

I managed to win 9 achievements today the majority being in the new Red Dead Redemption DLC company 2 and a couple in Football Genius which if looking for Gamerscore I suggest you avoid. The new Red Dead DLC is good fun and at least half the achievements are a walk in the walk however the advanced modes are pretty hard if you're not used to no auto aim, if you are you should breeze all 100 Gamerscore in a matter of hours. However for those 9 achievements I only mustered a measly 95 Gamerscore form them pretty pitiful for a day's work. Anyway this is just a small blip I hope.

SPECACT Engineer Elite (15)
Get all SPECACT Engineer awards

New Gamerscore: 46,319

June 24th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 46,319

Today was no different to yesterday in fact it was worse I only managed to pick up 2 achievements today and both of them were in Bad Company 2 for 45 Gamerscore and due to my depression over the whole issue I'm going to end this entry here and I promise that the next entry will see a massive improvement!!!!

Award Addicted (30)
Online: obtain 50 unique awards

New Gamerscore: 46,364

June 29th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 46,364

Right I'm back and well rested after my holidays and what a day I had today everything is ok again! I started off by playing NBA 2K6 a cheap game yes but when it comes to Gamerscore amazing took me just 20 minutes to gain all 5 achievements for 1000 Gamerscore a must for anyone looking to boost just play one match and you can get them all. Next up I went for NHL 2k6 again yes I know a cheap way to get points but an easy 750 Gamerscore to be had without any effort at all took me all of 5 minutes to get all 750, however the last achievement on this game for 250 Gamerscore is just too troublesome to bother it's not that it's hard just frustrating as you can never get a penalty to score one!!!! So I decided to walk away from this with 750 Gamerscore. Next up I decided to try out the new DLC for Bad Company 2 and completed all 8 achievements in it within a couple of hours a pretty enjoyable new mode and some easy achievements to although the hardcore ones will be more luck if you're going with random people if you have a good team it will be a walk in the park so that's another 120 Gamerscore. To end the day I loaded up Naughty Bear for the first time sadly however it was short lived as I just couldn't get into the game and I wouldn't recommend it if your after easy Gamerscore as this really isn't the game for that I only managed to unlock 3 achievements for 60 Gamerscore.

Isla Inocentes Veteran (20)
Successfully complete Isla Inocentes in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty

What a day I have had a managed to get a total of 1930 Gamerscore, I told you I would get back on track.

New Gamerscore: 48,294

June 30th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 48,294

Sadly due to real life known as work (I can't wait for the day I can be a paid Games Journalist) I could only manage a little game time today and picked up 1 achievement in Bad Company 2 for 15 Gamerscore and I decided to reload Games Room to see what had changed I downloaded the new Game Packs and had a scout around however as you all already know Games Room is not the place to go for easy or cheap achievements however I did manage to get 1 new achievement for 20 Gamerscore. Again sadly not a good day at the office in terms of moving forward but that 50,000 is so close now that I can smell it!

Challenge Master (20)
Win 20 Challenges

New Gamerscore: 48,329

July 1st 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 48,329

Again today was a quiet day due to work encroaching on my progress to 60,000. I managed to pick up 3 achievements in Blur for 60 Gamerscore and played some more LEGO Harry Potter picking up 2 new achievements for 25 Gamerscore. I won't bore you with anything more as there isn't much more to tell.

Ghostly Treasure (15)
Collect 500 ghost studs

New Gamerscore: 48,414

July 2nd 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 48,414

Well today was an improvement over the last 2 days but didn't exactly take me leaps and bounds towards my target. I decided to take advantage of the sale on Sonic games and pick up Sonic and Knuckles for the XBLA sadly with this being the first time I had ever played a sonic game it maybe wasn't such a good idea and after much frustration and dying I only picked up 2 achievements for 20 Gamerscore. I would only recommend this as a good easy set of achievements if you have played the games in the past and are good if you are bad like me this is really not a good game for achievements. I had a good stint on LEGO Harry Potter winning 7 achievements for 215 Gamerscore. Now LEGO HP on the other hand is a perfect game for some easy achievements a little time consuming but easy highly recommended for a Gamerscore boost.

Multiplier (10)
Collect 10 million studs in one level (Single Player Only)

New Gamerscore: 48,649

July 3rd 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 48,649

Had another big boost today and decided to settle down and really dive into LEGO Harry Potter. There are a lot of achievements to gain just from playing the story and with the cheats this isn't even a challenge. I gained another 10 achievements in the game today for 340 Gamerscore.

Ultra Collector (30)
Collect all of the house crests in Year 3 (Single Player Only)

New Gamerscore: 48,989

July 4th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 48,989

Had a slow day again today and only managed to pick up 2 achievements in LEGO Harry Potter for 75 Gamerscore. That is all for today we can just move on because I know that tomorrow will be a fantastic day as I'm going to be having a right session.

Power Up! (45)
Collect all of the Red Bricks (Single Player Only)

New Gamerscore: 49,064

July 5th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 49,064

Today was the day I managed to finally complete LEGO Harry Potter gaining the final 15 achievements for 345 Gamerscore giving me the full 1000 and then I loaded up Fight Night Round 3 which believe me is so easy to get 1000 on in a few hours simply set the difficulty to easy and buy the groin kick and turn illegal moves off then just press LT down and B to groin kick your way through the career to get the full 1000. I didn't have a few hours to complete this in one sitting so I managed to get 6 achievements for 750 Gamerscore. Finally this means I have passed the big 50K so it's time to keep on trucking.

ESPN FNF Achievement (150)
Win any ESPN Friday Night Fight event.

New Gamerscore: 50,159

Total Gamerscore This Session: 4185

Total Gamerscore To Date: 8335

So we come to the end of part 4 I finally managed to reach the half-way point and now it's a steady run down the hill to the final goal of 60,000. I am now 46% towards my target which is a massive leap since last time and the end is finally in sight. As usual leave comments below and also let me know of some games I should play if you have any ideas. See you soon.

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