Kane and Lynch first made an appearance in 2007 but sadly it only received a lukewarm reception due to bland gameplay and average looking visuals in a sea of first person shooters that were around at the time. The most interesting thing to come out of that game was the partnership that Kane and Lynch created during the game and it is this partnership that is the reason behind a sequel.

The first thing you will notice upon loading up Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is the visual differences from the first game, the new shaky camera really adds a sense of realism to the game during chases. The colours are washed out, the screen becomes pixelated and sounds become distorted around you which really leads to an immersive feel.

The demo comes with both singleplayer and multiplayer modes for you to enjoy and first I will take a look at the singleplayer.

In the beginning we are playing as Lynch who is now living in Shanghai, the first thing we do is meet up with Lynch in a city centre restaurant. All of a sudden armed police burst into the restaurant and you are charged with making it to Lynch's girlfriend's apartment in order to escape.

When Lynch takes damage the screen begins to close in on you, the picture begins to washout and red spots begin to appear on screen, basically meaning find cover now! Set pieces are beautifully executed such as when a gas canister is ignited in a restaurant, the resulting chaos causes the camera to become pixelated and difficult to see meaning the gameplay becomes a frantic look for cover or a perfect opportunity to hit your enemies while they are off guard.

However for all the bad must come good and the major problem is that for as real as the game looks it just doesn't feel right to control, from how heavily and robotic Lynch moves to the way the guns control if you fire a gun it just doesn't feel like you are it might as well just be a gun firing blanks with enemies just randomly falling over.

Now let's take a look at the multiplayer modes in Kane and Lynch 2. The first and most impressive has to be the Fragile Alliance mode; this is where two teams of 4 aim to steal loot and escape. One team plays the robbers trying to steal the loot and share the bounty whereas the cops are out to stop them. However there is a twist as the robbers can take each other out in order to gain a bigger share of the loot however take to many of your team out to soon and it will be impossible to steal the loot due to the numbers game which leads to a beautiful and fragile teamplay where you know you have to work together however you also have the voice in the back of your head telling you that someone is about to take you out so it's whether you can get there first.

An extra addition is the Undercover Cop mode which allows the cops to place one of their team into the robbers team. The idea is to kill all of the robbers before they get away with the loot before they work out who you are, however as soon as they figure out who you are you will have every robber turn on you leading to a quick death meaning stealth is the most important factor in winning this mode.

Finally there is also a Cops Vs Robbers mode which is just a basic deathmatch but sadly with the Fragile Alliance mode this mode becomes highly pointless as all the fun is to be had in the previous mode.

From what I have seen so far kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days is a massive step up from the original however there are still a lot of problems that need fixing before release day if this is to be a great game.

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