SEGA has today announced that the next Aliens vs Predator map pack will be coming in July called the Bughunt Map Pack. It will be introducing two new maps - 'Crashsite' and 'Furious' - for all six competitive multiplayer modes and two maps - 'Monument' and 'Tempest' - for survival mode in which a team of four Marines face down a horde of Aliens.

All four maps for the 'Bughunt Map Pack' will also incorporate brand new weather effects and environmental hazards to contend with upon the treacherous surface of killing ground BG-386.

Aliens vs Predator 'Bughunt Map Pack' will emerge from a big glowing egg on July 7th on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points. To check out the trailer for the DLC, click the following link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSRKSnET ... r_embedded. Be looking on the Marketplace for this DLC on July 7th!

10 years ago
Great news but I don't play AvP so much to pay for those. Throw in avatar awards/achievements like valve did with 4d 2 and you may count me in.

Seriously, too many AWESOME new releases (tango down, Ooga...) and discounted games to waste money on add-ons.

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