Harmonix has always brought you your music. They have kept with their word of weekly Rock Band tracks, and have tried to satisfy all their buyers. It should come as no surprise to anyone that its upcoming Kinect dance game Dance Central will be getting post-release content as well. One thing might be a bit different from what players are accustomed to: the price.

According to Joystiq, Dance Central's DLC will be a bit more expensive than the typical $1.99/160 Microsoft Points/200 Wii Points price structure that most typical Rock Band tracks sell for. They are not trying to take cash from the dance population. As it turns out, the process to create playable tracks in Dance Central is more complicated than you all may think. In a conversation with the game's project lead, Kasson Crooker, Joystiq learned that there are several important (and expensive) steps.

Because [Dance Central DLC] comes with a brand new unique routine with the three difficulties, we have to: engage the choreographer, find the song, license the song, come up with a routine, get them into a [motion capture] suit, shoot all the choreography, integrate the animation, build the filter system, the flash cards, the [voiceover] for 'Break it Down' -- it's a pretty elaborate process that is not only a lot more expensive, but a lot more time consuming, Crooker says.

It seems that Harmonix is very much not trying to rip of their valued customers who have been buying tracks like crazy. It also seems a lot more than most of us think to create these tracks rather than just making them and putting motions with it. Hopefully the fans will see why Harmonix is doing this, and will be getting their grooves on when Dance Central hits for Kinect!

10 years ago
It makes sense...

Rock band tracks just use default animations but this thime video has to fit both with game's instructions onscreen and player's moves (involving more time and resources). Then make it three times but with different coreagraphy to suit the different dificulty levels...

Don't count me in, but I'm fine with it.