Terminal Reality have announced that a patch for the glitched multiplayer achievements in their Ghostbusters game is the on the way this fall.

One year after Ghostbusters: The Video Game's launch, we'd all accepted that the game's glitched multiplayer achievements were broken forever, but according to a post on their Facebook page, we are all going to finally see a fix.

Terminal Reality is pleased (and relieved!) to announce that a patch for Multiplayer Achievements glitches in Ghostbusters: The Video Game has been completed and tested, says the post. It?s currently awaiting approval for distribution, which is likely to coincide with the Xbox 360 firmware update this Fall. The Ghostbusters team would like to thank everyone who has continued in their support of our studio and games.

Finally 1 year after the release they are fixing the broken achievements! I am sure many of the people out there that had any intrest in this game have already played it and moved on, but this game still sits in my back log of games to play so its nice to hear that they still are thinking of it.

9 years ago
great game and awesome news since I didn't give a try to its multiplayer yet.