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Defense Grid, 400 Points
PB Winterbottom, 400 Points
Rocket Riot, 400 Points
Darwinia+, 800 Points
Chime, 240 Points
Poker Smash, 400 Points

10 years ago
wohoo winterbottom !! it's been so long since its release... wait no, it hasn't!

I'm almost to the point of regret about purchasing Earthworm Jim, Afterburner and Risk on release date...

Anyway, I was saving points for Black Light TANGODOWN release so I'm not sure wether getting darwinia or not. It still feels expensive even if I liked both the steam demo and XBL trial back at its day. Yeah, it includes multiwinia but we all know those titles don't last long on their multiplayer as its lifetime depends on number of players.

Misadventures of PB Winterbottom is a no brainer tho. Oh, I'd recomend Defense Grid to anyone not having it yet.