It was a dark and stormy night... with giant sky frigates, lightning storms, and a spooky old castle on a cliff! Here are two new multiplayer maps for Snoopy Flying Ace: Kaiser's Spike and Aces Airway. Care for a game of armed Pigskin in the clouds, or perhaps some picturesque alpine CTF? Based on 100% authentically fictional battlefields of WWI, you'll feel like you were really there at the dawn of canine aviation.

This map pack will cost you 80 Microsoft Points and will have a file size of ONLY 108 KB. To buy this new map pack (Go to link and click Download to Xbox 360) or check out the game, head over to the following link - bit.ly/cjF08A.... You can also go to the Dashboard and find the marketplace. From there you can find Snoopy Flying Ace and buy this new map pack! Fly on!

9 years ago
Awesome game, extremely nice priced ad-on.

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