Episode 1: The March to 60,000


Gamerscore Gained Since Start: 2770

Well here we have part 3 of the first episode of One Man and His Gamerscore if you're not sure of what this is then you can find a link to part 1 just below that will give you all the details. So now we have come this far I don't need to bore you with my little beginning spiel so you can carry on down and find links to part 1 and also to places where you can follow my progress. The march to 60,000 continues.

Part 1 xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... php?t=3460

True Achievements xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... Rising.htm

360 Voice xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... e%20Rising

A quick recap of my progress I have currently achieved 15% of my target for this episode amassing a total of 2770 Gamerscore. I will as usual discuss how easy or hard the games are to get achievements in for your benefit so enjoy.

June 18th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 44,844

Well today I decided to commit a deadly sin in Xbox 360 folk lore and booted up Hannah Montana, which believe me I felt so dirty about that I had to go take several showers just while it was loading. Although on the plus side the achievements are so amazingly easy for this game they can be done in your sleep. However this is not one of those fun easy games like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs this is pure torture so don't say you were not warned. I managed to pick up 5 achievements in the game as I didn't have the time to go any further as I had other plans and amassed 300 Gamerscore.

Champion Rider (50)
Ride Blue Jeans 10 times at Ruby's Farm.

The single most painful achievement of this whole episode!

New Gamerscore: 45,144

June 20th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 45,144

Well after my day of rest yesterday due to my birthday I decided that today I needed to work twice as hard to make up the difference. I had an incredibly good day today; I completed Hannah Montana and completed the main story in Alpha Protocol. I got 7 achievements in Hannah Montana for 700 Gamerscore ending the pain and suffering forever, I would have burned the disk if I didn't have to send it back to Boomerang. I picked up 8 achievements in Alpha Protocol for 290 Gamerscore finishing off the mina story however the other achievements require multiple playthroughs and it didn't seem worth my time to get them so I put this game to bed. Today I managed to amass in total 990 Gamerscore.

Big Spender (100)
Buy 100 articles of clothing.

New Gamerscore: 46,134

June 21st 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 46,134

Well today was another useless day for me due to nights of drinking thanks to my 21st so the next few days will obviously be slow so today I booted up Blur and won one achievement for 20 Gamerscore which is a hell of grind to get so it's not a bad day, it basically has took me since buying the game to unlock this one.

Medic! (20)
Master the Repair Power-up

New Gamerscore: 46,154

June 22nd 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 46,154

Well today was a day of swap and change I played 3 different games today and won achievements in all of them they were, Bad Company 2, Blur and Football Genius. Now Battlefield is a good boosting game due to you being able to pick up 600 Gamerscore just from the single player which is pretty easy from what I have played of it so far; however the other 400 will mean some online play and some commitment to grinding kills so you may want to miss that out. Football Genius is a quiz game which has some quick easy achievements however some of them are a real grinding like answer X amount of questions. Anyway I gained 5 achievements over the 3 games for 70 Gamerscore.

SPECACT Assault Elite (15)
Get all SPECACT Assault awards

New Gamerscore: 46,224

Total Gamerscore This Session: 1380

Total Gamerscore To Date: 4150

Here we are the end of part 3 a quiet run this time round with only just over 1000 but my birthday has really hurt my progress this time but should be back to business as usual soon. I am now 23% towards my target which is pretty good progress and we should be reaching the end of this first episode pretty soon. As usual leave comments below and also let me know of some games I should play if you have any ideas. Ta-ta for now.

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