With the release of today's Outlaws till the End DLC pack comes 10 new achievements for you to enjoy. The achievements will add 100 Gamerscore bringing the game to a total of 1100.

What's even better is that the DLC is completely free so go get it.

Well done - 5G
Complete a Co-Op mission.

Have posse, will travel - 15G
Complete all Co-Op missions.

2 guys, 1 Coop - 10G
Complete a Co-Op mission with just 2 people.

Stake a claim - 5G
Gold medal any Co-Op mission.

Struck gold - 10G
Gold medal all Co-Ops missions.

Friends indeed - 5G
Complete a Co-Op mission without anyone dying.

You rule! - 15G
Complete all Advanced Co-Op missions.

The mother lode - 20G
Gold medal all Advanced Co-Op missions.

Dodge this - 10G
Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any Advanced Co-Op mission.

Bulletproof - 5G
Complete a Co-Op mission without dying.

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