What is Rockstar trying to do? Oh, not much, just raise the bar on their highly beloved game called Red Dead Redemption. They are releasing a new 4 player co-op pack with 6 missions called Outlaws to the End which is due out June 22nd for FREE.

IGN got their hands on the new DLC and had some great impressions.

The following are small sections of the article on Outlaws to the End by IGN's Erik Brudvig. View the whole article: go.ign.com/9rpE2D)...

The missions range from things like raiding a mining camp in a gold robbery or blitzing a fort to protecting a herd of cattle from rustlers. I played through five of the six missions -- each lasting roughly 10 or 15 minutes when played successfully. The lone mission I didn't get to see is called the River, which sounds like a recreation of the border crossing story mission from the main game -- only with everything ratcheted up about five notches.

My favorite mission was called Ammunition. It takes place at night in a raging storm and finds you in Tesero Azul with near impossible odds. Cannon fire is raining down from the hills, Mexican soldiers are storming the fort, and a few mounted Gatling guns are laying down fire that is more than enough to wipe out anybody dumb enough to run out into the open. Even playing with a few guys from Rockstar, we weren't able to emerge victorious on the first few tries.

Make no mistake -- things are a bit tougher here to keep things interesting. Along with a few friends, a few other new features have been added to give you a fighting chance. Once you get killed -- unless it is by a massive explosion -- you'll begin to bleed out. If your co-op partners are fast enough, they'll be able to revive you to get you back into the fight. If not, any downed players will respawn if anybody on the team can reach the next checkpoint. If everybody dies, it's game over and you'll have to start over from the beginning.

As if you didn't have enough to do in the RDR world, Rockstar just keeps adding on more-and-more. Game Trailers released a preview video to the DLC which you can view by clicking the following link - bit.ly/95v8dn....

Check out the marketplace on June 22nd to play Outlaws to the End!

Im really looking forward to this dlc i just hope it wont suck or wont be to short. As i currently think the multiplayer that they have now sucks to be fair, With kill spawning free roam players being a bad idea
10 years ago
Free AND has 100GS for it too! Thats awesome, Rockstar I love you...

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