A few years ago Microsoft and Burger King teamed up for a trio of low-cost 360 and original Xbox games like Sneak King and Pocket Bike Racing, and the pair are working together again for Kinect.

The promotion will take place during the Kinect launch, but it's unknown at this time if there will be more video games featuring The King, or if it's something more traditional. The old Burger King games were nothing amazing, but at their prices, you could have some fun with them. With BK teamming up with Kinect, they could possibly to a lot of fun things to make these games more popular. Hopefully they will still stay at their low prices, which made them appealing for most gamers!

9 years ago
That reminds me, I cant find anyone online to play Burger Kings Big Bumpin for achievements. If you have this game and want to boost IM me.