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Xbox LIVE Games on Demand
June 21: Mirror's Edge
June 21: Bee Movie Game

Xbox LIVE Arcade
June 23: RISK: Factions, 800 Points
June 23: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, 800 Points

Xbox 360 Game Add-ons
June 22: Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Onslaught Mode, 800 Points
June 22: Red Dead Redemption - 'Outlaws to the End', Free
June 23: Hasbro Family Game Night: Jenga, Pictureka! and Connect 4x4, 800 Points each

Avatar Marketplace
June 21: LEGO Harry Potter

9 years ago
Some Transformer props would be cool... I am looking forward to seeing what Lego Harry Potter stuff they come out with. Also Some Red Dead DLC and Risk Arcade sound awesome, can't wait!
9 years ago
Can't wait for the Outlaws to the End DLC. Love RDR soooo much. Onslaught mode looks really awesome!
9 years ago
Lego Harry Potter stuff is rubbish sadly.

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