Kong360: Gorilla Warfare is a top-down shooter game featuring monkeys with a thirst for blood in a full 3D environment. The rules are simple, pick up as many health/armor packs and weapons as you can before blowing your enemies into smithereens. Computer controlled bots are provided as target practise but the real fun comes from playing in multiplayer split screen, system link or Xbox LIVE.

You can download the game for 240 Microsoft Points, which will follow with a 32 MB download size, by clicking on the following link then clicking Download to Xbox 360- bit.ly/9u3iSt.... You can also head over to the Indie games section on your Dashboard and download it! If you want to check it out before buying, you can check out the demo of the game. Game on!

9 years ago
News featuring indie content ? odd but great addition.

There are some indie games that desevere an indie compilation disc published by microsoft so those guys start making some serious money.

I'm talking about arkeedo (pro guys) and others that are amateur but did great stuff like slingshot, etc.