During a hands-off demo at E3, EA invited an eager group of writers and executives to watch the latest gameplay footage of Dead Space 2. This included Game Informer and other eager folks. The event took place in a freezing cold room designed to look like a church complete with pews and fictional biblical literature behind each seat, said Annette Gonzalez from Game Informer.

Ian Milham, art director of Dead Space, led the presentation. Game Informer and the other folks were shown one of the earlier parts of the game that takes place in the Church of Unitology. There were plenty of frightening moments from pipes suddenly bursting releasing a stream of steam, to enemies jumping out from around corners as Isaac continued through to the lower depths of the building. All of which seemed to scare and impress the followers as the demo moved along. It proved that Dead Space 2 was uping up on the gore and fright!

Strategic dismemberment played a huge role when taking out enemies. The Puker battle took place in slow motion as Isaac carefully targeted each of its limbs and blasted them off one by one until there was nothing left.

Dead Space 2 takes place on the Sprawl, a large space city that we caught a glimpse at in a sequence where Isaac was surrounded by windows. The expansive city will have transportation, schools, hospitals, factories, churches, and just about anything else you can expect from any large metropolitan area. We assume they will be inhabited by terrifying creatures. The scene is probably the most serene of the entire demo, at least until the windows burst revealing a huge ship pulling with an unusual force that pulls Isaac nearly off the ledge, until he finds a loose floor panel that he pulls off and jumps through. - Game Informer's description of the demo

The demo then ended for the wet pants of all watching, which left a huge number of questions. Most people loved Dead Space, but thought execution could have been better. With the looks of the E3 trailer (gameinformer.com/b/news/archiv... Dead Space 2 seems to be taking that into consideration.

The game seems to ante up on fright, gore, and overall an experience that will leave you wanting only more. January 2011 is when Dead Space 2 will hit. As more news pours out about it, Xbox Resource will fill all your needs!

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