Episode 1: The March to 60,000


Gamerscore Gained Since Start: 1545

Welcome to part 2 of the first episode of One Man and His Gamerscore where I have set myself a challenge of increasing my Gamerscore by as much as possible in as little time as possible. You can find part one via the link below as well as links to where you may follow my progress if you so wish.

Part 1 xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... php?t=3460

True Achievements xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... Rising.htm

360 Voice xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... e%20Rising

To recap I have currently achieved 8% of my goal to reach 60,000 collecting 1545 Gamerscore in part 1. I will as before discuss the games I play and how easy or hard their achievements may be to get. So let us begin part 2.

June 15th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 43619

Well we pick up where we left off last time and today I decided to pick up another game which practically gives you the achievements, that game being Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Yes this game does throw achievements at you however it is also a pretty good little platformer if you're looking to boost your Gamerscore by 1000 in just a few hours but have fun while doing so then this is the game for you, I almost forgot for a moment that I was actually grinding for achievements. Anyway I only managed to get the two achievements on this one today because I was tired but don't worry tomorrow this game will be mine! I added a whole 40 points to my Gamerscore wow...

Bread Head (30)
30 times using the bread to climb.

New Gamerscore: 43,659

June 16th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 43,659

Today was the day as promised I destroyed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and claimed the full 1000 in just less than 4 hours, so yes I highly recommend you pick this one up for some quick boosting if you haven't already. Also because I felt dirty after this little experience I decided to play a real game and earn some real Gamerscore so I put Alpha Protocol back in and gained 2 new achievements. So to recap today I unlocked 25 achievements for 970 Gamerscore so I would call that a very productive day. There is only one achievement that really requires effort and that's because you have to replay one of the levels after the story in order to get it which takes all of 10 mins rinsing and repeating the same thing.

Sugar Slayer (40)
Kill 25 Marshmallows by cutting.

New Gamerscore: 44,629

June 17th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 44,629

Had an average day today spent the day playing some Alpha Protocol while I wait for some new games to arrive I did add a fair bit to my total while playing though so it's all good. If you haven't picked up AP yet I suggest you do it's a really solid game despite the mixed reviews it go I mean sure it's not as polished as Mass Effect 2 but the story is pretty solid. Anyway today I managed to unlock 7 achievements for 215 Gamerscore. A also found out that in a fight between a man with a knife and a man with a gun the man with the knife can sometimes win, incredibly annoying that is!

Operation Blood Feud (75)
Complete Operation Blood Feud.

New Gamerscore: 44,844

Total Gamerscore This Session: 1225

Total Gamerscore To Date: 2770

Well that wraps up part 2 of my adventure it was a good little run and I managed to 100% another game. I am now 15% towards my target and I personally think I am progressing at a good pace. Be sure to leave any feedback you wish in the comments below. Until next time cya.

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